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Project TitleMcMaster PLUS™
Track CodeP1621
Short DescriptionPremium Literature Services for Evidence-Informed Health Care
Tagscommunications & information, database, education, emergency medicine, evidence-based, gynecology, health, health & life sciences, infectious disease, internal medicine, internet-based, journals, media, medical literature, medical sciences, nursing, obstetrics, pediatrics, peer review, primary care, psychiatry, rehabilitation, rss, surgery
Posted DateJan 13, 2010 12:19 PM


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McMaster PLUS™ provides specialized, customizable, continuously updated, quality and relevance-assessed health care research and syntheses that address the following question:


What is the current best evidence for the maintenance of health and the management of health care problems?


Background Information


For the past 5 years, the Health Information Research Unit at McMaster University has been developing “next-generation”, evidence-based, internet-based information services to support evidence-informed health care.


The Health Information Research Unit at McMaster has pioneered and perfected the development of resources for evidence-based clinical practice, including techniques for finding, assessing (for quality and content), organizing, summarizing, and disseminating best evidence as it is published in the medical literature.


This combination of features is innovative, and not currently available anywhere to practitioners through other services.


McMaster PLUS™ Services


McMaster PLUS™ provides services for a broad range of clinical disciplines and topics which are finely tailored to the clinical interests of health professionals. Users can log on to PLUS to register their practice profile which then serves as a filter for the medical literature. The practitioner will receive alerts that are rated for quality by our research staff and rated for clinical relevance and interest by at least 3 of their clinical peers.


McMaster PLUS™ provides updating services for textbook editors, authors, information specialists and subscribers. These services make it much easier for editors to determine when chapters need to be updated and for authors to update their chapters.


MacPLUS FS (federated search) provides a single search engine that arranges searches according to a hierarchy of relevance to clinical practice. The search can be customized for clinical disciplines and training level. Thus, students, staff and faculty view content that is most pertinent to their clinical activities.


McMaster PLUS™ Features

  1. A cumulative searchable database of quality-, relevance-, interest-rated publications and websites that is continuously updated
  2. User allowing identification of the health care interests of each user and matching those interests to the appropriate “virtual” subset of the accumulating database, as well as guiding access to other internet services
  3. E-mail alerts about new evidence, including ratings from clinical peers, and tailored to the user’s interest profile and time demands
  4. Web links to prescribing and patient information for treatments
  5. Links to validated search strategies for clinical content in MEDLINE to supplement searches in the cumulated PLUS database when needed



Additional information can be found at the HIRU McMaster PLUS™ website:


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